Explore Our Wasi Collection Story

 Behind The Inspiration:

Introducing Wasi, our newest collection created by one of our Co-Founders, Raul. Truly inspired by the connection to his Ecuadorian roots, his love for simplicity and monochrome brings to you a unique collection that will make you feel like home. 

“Wasi represents who we are and where we are going, Wasi is home." - Raul Reyes, co-founder of Beyond Borders Collective

Experience Cultural Connection:

While Ecuador's official language is Spanish, Quichua is spoken by the Quichua people group located in the valleys, as well as in the páramo (highland) regions, between the upper forest line and the permanent snow line, of the majestic Andes Mountains. The inspiration behind the name "Wasi" (a Quichua word for "home") came from the Quichua peoples native tongue Quichua. Each of the Wasi's monochromatic designs (Destino, Paramo, Nevado, and Diamante) were given their names from Raul's native tongue, Spanish. 

Representing the mystery of the Ecuadorian Andes and the passion for cultural connection, Wasi was created for simplicity and versatility, while also bringing the essence of "home" with you wherever you are. Touch. Feel. Experience. #WasiCollection #MyBBblanket