COVID-19 Stay In Biz Collaboration with Calico Coffee

During the COVID-19 self isolation days ahead, we decided to collaborate with our amazing friends and partners at Kitts Kitchen and Calico Coffee with the purpose of supporting our partnership with each other by keeping our small businesses up and running, virtually through, during this time. We invite all of you to make a difference with us from the comfort of your homes by supporting two small businesses while treating yourself to a cozy #beyondborderscollective blanket and amazing freshly roasted coffee from Kitts Kitchen and Coffee. 

All the details:

  • All Beyond Borders Collective blankets purchased in the state of Nebraska will go towards supporting Kitts Kitchen and Coffee's operations.
  • Shop our collection of blankets and when you find the one you've got your heart set on, proceed to checkout as normal.
  • As a thank you for the support, they’ve included a sample of freshly roasted coffee beans for you to enjoy! 





More about our partners at Kitts Kitchen and Calico Coffee in Kearney NE. Besides being our first official partners when we began Beyond Borders Collective, their heart for building connections and relationships with cultures and people solidified our partnership. We couldn’t be more thrilled to be retailing our blankets with these guys! If you’re in the area check them out on instagram.