The Makers And Their Craftsmanship


We are proud to have a partnership that brings growth and empowerment through dignifying the hard work, care, and skills that our artisans put into their creations. This is one of the many reasons why Beyond Borders Collective is privileged to be a part of a family full of inspiration, influence, and impact.

Beyond Borders Collective blankets are crafted by an incredibly skilled artisans who began with limited resources having to build their dream on their own and they did. Now they manufacture high-quality textiles, crafted to be durable and easy to care for.

Every blanket they create begins with the inspiration behind nature and the richness of the Andean culture. The artisans put together color schemes and design their patterns to represent the uniqueness of their roots. Once that is perfected, they bring their inspiration to life! With some hands-on details to enhance their final product, they create a blanket that accents your life with its extraordinary design and value.