Why Beyond Borders Collective?


  1. We’re an ethical brand, empowering and creating a positive impact is the heartbeat behind everything we do. From our partnership with the artisans who create our blankets to the partnerships we have with other small businesses around the globe. We believe in thriving as a team and family, not on our own.
  2. Every time you purchase a Beyond Borders blanket to support our business, either directly from our online store or a partnering retail shop, you’re also supporting the local small businesses economy here in the US as well as our worldwide creators and  by keeping our partnerships strong.
  3. Every blanket the artisans create begins with the inspiration of nature and their Andean heritage embodied in each design to represent the uniqueness of their roots. Once that is perfected, they bring their inspirations to life! With some hands-on details to enhance their final product, they create a blanket that accents your life with its extraordinary design and value. Crafted to be durable and easy to care for.
  4. We work hard with the artisans to create and provide unique/exclusive designs and color schemes for our customers and retailers. With this, we strive for things to be done with excellence, quality, and care.
  5. Versatile in every season, soft, large, and beautifully designed. we believe that bridging the gaps between cultures and bringing connection through our products is the one thing that separates us from the average blanket or throw. Giving our customers the experience of engaging with a culture and people from the Ecuadorian Highlands and beyond by accenting their homes, adventures, and memorable moments with a Beyond Borders Blanket is what we hope for. Although our blankets are produced by the Otavaleño community, each design is named after an indigenous people group in Ecuador or Spanish words as a way of connecting and Introducing cultures beyond what surrounds us.